Thursday, August 29, 2019

Forty Starved Rock Walkers eased into this beautiful August day by hiking the East Bluff Trail out to the Sandstone Point staircase and back along the River Trail. A pleasant ~4 miles!
 SR Walkers leaving the Lodge headed for the trailhead.
 The club's self appointed "tail" never leaves anyone behind.
 The East Bluff Trail has been shaded by the "green tunnel" since June.
 Yellow false foxgloves on Sandstone Point.
 It is not difficult to get a good river pic from atop Sandstone Point.
 The trail is curving around the headwall of Lone Tree Canyon.
 It is somehow fitting that this is the lone remaining canyon sign on the East Bluff Trail.
 The trail mud is long gone!
 Down is the preferred direction on the Sandstone Point staircase!
 The Eagle 1 tour boat has been walking the dinner cruise passengers into Lone Tree Canyon for a brief visit.
 Unfortunately, the "ice box" in witch's kitchen is starting to collect artwork. :(
Jewel weed blossoms along the River Trail. 
 Break time on the floor of Wildcat Canyon.
 The Wildcat Canyon waterfall has achieved complete invisibility.
 A line of cormorant "fenceposts" on a log snag below the SR dam.
The calm before the Labor Day weekend on the Eagle Cliff boardwalk.

Today we learned what Henry David Thoreau once said,

"A morning walk is a blessing for the whole day."

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