Sunday, September 30, 2018

Matthiessen State Park - Around the Lake and Upper Dells 09-20-2018

Best photo of the morning

The day started out cool and comfortable, but finished up a bit on the steamy side. Trails were in good shape.  Little bit of water falling.  The hike today was at Matthiessen State Park.  Once there we did the upper dells trail and around the lake. Matthiessen Park is a multi use park.  Here you will find horse trails, cross country ski trails, mountain biking trails and hiking trails.

Today our hike went to the Dells Area at Matthiessen State Park

The Fort and Picnic Shelter

Inside this picturesque cabin is skis for cross country ski rental in the winter.

Going down!

43 hikers today.  What a colorful group

The water is low in the lower trails

No water today falling, be back next Spring

Love this section of the trail

Some of the stream in the lower trail.

This is usually a full water stream

Mushrooms were plentiful to day.

I love this photo.  Cedar Point area

Cool looking turtle near "Cedar Point"

You would think Fall is coming by looking at these leaves

Dangerous section.  Watch your step.  Roots and Rocks everywhere.

Giant's Bathtub waterfall

Looking down into the Giant's Bathtub area.

Even the Lake Falls are almost dry

Bridge over the Lake Falls

Going around the lake, we saw these glasses.

We always stop at the old truck on the lake trail (behind the golf course)

Some of the trail is in a grassy area

Combining corn in the distance

Walking through the Equestrian Campground (still Matthiessen State Park)

I love trees and this tree is magnificent!

Hedgeballs are the fruit of the Osage Orange tree.

History plaque that tells the history of Matthiessen State Park

This hayfield is at the entrance of Matthiessen State Park

This is a Sugar Maple tree at the back entrance to Starved Rock Lodge.  This tree will turn an absolutely beautiful picture of Fall Colors.

The Starved Rock Hotel entrance is all decorated for Fall.

I will leave you with this:Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sept. 6, 2018 St. Louis Canyon

We can't have great weather every Thursday.  Today we had RAIN.  We had 12 hardy hikers that stayed in the park and went to St. Louis Canyon.  3 hikers stayed with the scheduled hike of the Illinois Michigan Canal. 

Everyone that walked today was prepared with ponchos, rain coats and hats.  I also had an umbrella.

Puddles were plenty

Aurora Canyon from the top trail

Small waterfall in Upper Sac Canyon

Most people think the wildflowers are just in the Spring..... Indian Pipe, blooms now.  These are such a treasure to see. 

On our way to St. Louis Canyon.

Rock formation right before you get to the waterfall in St. Louis Canyon

St. Louis Waterfall

Haven't seen a waterfall this nice since at least June

Taking a break before heading back

This is the challenge for the day!  Everyone did fine.

Fresh Fungi

Watch your step on the wet boardwalks.  They are slippery, no one fell today.

Another patch of Indian Pipes

A very wet Stargazer at the West side of the Lodge

The Glasinator is really spinning today.

Some of the walker club members are rescuing a cart from the parking lot

After the weekly hikes, some of the Walker Club members share stories and get together for coffee or other beverages and snacks in the Cafe.
I will leave you with this: If you think adventure is dangerous try routine, its lethal.