Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wildcat, Sandstone Point, Eagle's Cliff, Lover's Leap 05-12-2017

I LOVE this photo!

33 hikers took the Campanula Trail out to Wildcat Canyon.  From there we followed the Bluff trail past Sandstone Point and down the major stairway by Lonetree Canyon.  On the river trail back to the Lodge we went into Wildcat Canyon. Before arriving at the Lodge we also stopped at Eagle's Cliff.  The weather was beautiful and the company was great.  Perfect Thursday for hiking.

On the Campanula Trail

Mayapple blossom.  Not much longer and these will be gone until next Spring

Boardwalk on the way to Wildcat Canyon.  Boardwalks can be slick after a rain.

Wild Geranium are still blooming throughout the park

Top of Wildcat Canyon from the Bridge

The rest of the group arriving at the top of Wildcat Canyon

Vegetation growth.  Soon this log may be covered over.

Today we saw 2 waterfalls in Wildcat Canyon. This stream is the top of the 2nd waterfall

View of Wildcat waterfall from the East viewing platform

Photo of the West platform over Wildcat Canyon, taken from the East platform

Columbine wildflowers are in abundance

Little bit of mud on the trail on top of Basswood Canyon

View from Sandstone Point.  We took a little break here.

Bird foot violet.  Near Sandstone point

"Burl"  There are many of these throughout the park, however this is one of the largest to be seen from the trail.

Mouse Eared Chickweed

Wild Lily of the Valley (I think)

These Columbine can be found along the river trail

Woodland Phlox

Real Solomon's Seal (as opposed to the false) Notice the flowers pods on the underside of the stalk
Raspberries anyone? Soon.....

This is a stalk of False Solomon's Seal.  No pods and a flower out the end.

When I first saw this, I thought it looked like it was in the Sedum family. Sure enough it is Woodland Sedum

And now it begins.  The coming of all the summer yellow wildflowers that I just can't remember.  This one may be Golden Alexander

One of my favorite Spring Wildflowers the Shooting Star.  These are almost finished until next year.

Wildcat Canyon

Two waterfalls in Wildcat Canyon

Wildcat Canyon

Just a different angle of the Wildcat

Today's Walkers resting up before going up the stairway to Eagle's Cliff

View looking East from atop Eagles' Cliff

View of the Lock and Dam from Eagles' Cliff

Walt having some alone time.  Is he contemplating what he is going to do the rest of the day?

Shooting stars amidst Columbine

Hard to say if I have seen this flower before, Yellow Star Grass (thanks for the comment Jared)
I will leave you with this: Be happy..... not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ottawa, Kaskaskia and Illinois Canyons, Council Overhang 05-04-2017

Today's hike was scheduled to go to Ottawa/Kaskaskia & Illinois Canyons along with Council Overhang.  The trails were a little muddy, but when you wear the appropriate clothing and footwear all is good.
Kaskaskia Canyon Waterfall

Wild Geranium (pink) and Prairie Trillium (maroon)

"The Wedding Cove"  This is the area right past the parking lot

Nodding White Trillium

Mayapple, these are blooming around the park.

On our way to Council Overhang "The boot"

View from the back wall of Council Overhang

Lots of debris floated in from the rain

Ottawa Canyon

Ottawa Canyon

Moss Covered Rock in Ottawa Canyon

Virginia Waterleaf

Kaskaskia Canyon Waterfall

Grates on the trail really helped with the mud. This is on the way in/out of Ottawa/Kaskaskia Canyon

Whats left of the Bluebells

Giant Jack in the Pulpit

Woodland Phlox. They smell so good!

Swamp Buttercup.  I always get these and the Marsh Marigolds mixed up.  I looked them up today and the Marsh Marigolds have a round shaped leaf. 

One of three stream crossings in Illinois Canyon.  Some didn't cross.  I have seen it much deeper.

Another Crossing in Illinois Canyon

The BIG payoff in Illinois Canyon - The "BIG" waterfall

The photo from the group that went the distance.  Where's Ron?????

Couldn't resist this Jack in the Pulpit photo

White Baneberry.  These white puff balls will have little white balls on the ends. We call them dolls eyes.
I will leave you with this: Every person, all the events of your life, are there because you have drawn them there.  What you choose to do with them is up to you.