Thursday, June 7, 2018

St. Louis, Kickapoo, Sac and Aurora Canyons 06-07-2018

Aurora Canyon

Today's hike we all met in the Lodge's Lobby and headed out to St. Louis Canyon.  On the way we crossed Aurora (some went down into that canyon on the way back). Next we crossed over Sac and then Kickapoo Canyons.  At the half way point was St. Louis Canyon.  Perfect weather today!

Started at the Lodge

How many of the Illinois Symbols can you name?

Well here are the answers... did you get any correct?

46 hikers on their way to St. Louis Canyon

Looking down into Aurora Canyon

I have no idea what this flower is.  Kind of like a shooting star. 

Top of Sac Canyon

Wild Ginger plant and flower

Flower from Wild Ginger

I love trees!  This is on the West Bluff trail on the way to St. Louis Canyon

A lone Campanula flower hanging onto the Sandstone by the stairs

I did tell everyone about the steps involved today.  They all know they have to go back up.

More St. Peter's Sandstone

Not sure on this flower.  Too many yellow wildflowers to remember

another yellow wildflower

Tall Anemone


St. Louis Canyon Waterfall

Rock wall in St. Louis Canyon

Walker's Club in St. Louis Canyon

Walker's Club in St. Louis Canyon 

Snail on foliage in St. Louis Canyon

Hang on little fella

Tree roots on the St. Louis Canyon trail

Spiderwort, This one needs some rainfall

Real Solomon's Seal.  The Fake Solomon's Seal does not have the flowers underneath and has a fuzzy coming out the tip.

Campanula Flower (in the bellflower family)

This spiderwort was more shaded.

Maidenhair Fern.  This is my favorite fern.  I really only know 1 fern. But I still like it better than the rest.  This can be found in Aurora Canyon

Uneven sandstone steps going into Aurora Canyon

Aurora Canyon.  The sun shining through today was just perfect.  The Poison Ivy to get in this canyon from the West Bluff Trail was BAD.  If you go here, please make sure you are wearing pants.  It is on both sides of the trail multiple times.

Looking out from Aurora Canyon

Great photo opportunities in Aurora Canyon everywhere you look.

Looking out of Aurora Canyon to the sky

This little seed pod replaces the Jack/Pulpit in the Jack in the Pulpit.  Later on in the year it will become red.

We've been to St. Louis now we are finishing at the Lodge.
I will leave you with this: He who limps is still walking.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Wildcat, Eagle's Cliff, Lover's Leap 05-31-2018

Most of the Walker's Club drove to Buffalo Rock State Park to check the trails out to see if they opened the previously closed bluff trail.  There were a few that stayed here in the park and hiked to Wildcat canyon, Eagle's Cliff and Lover's Leap. 

Wildcat Canyon Waterfall, looking good!

Looking up from the floor of Wildcat canyon (East overlook)

Spiderwort is looking good

Interesting looking flower.  1 of 3.  A friend of mine (Tom) has an app on his phone that when he takes a photo of a flower it tells him what it is.  I then looked up the name given to check it out online.  It is in the honeysuckle family.

Photo #2

same plant, photo #3

Yellow flag iris on the River Trail

And the yellow wildflowers begin.  I think this one is some type of Aster (Tom left with his app)  I will download the app for next week's hike.

The five hikers in my group that finished with me.

Looking down into French Canyon.  Overgrown from the top view.

Top of French Canyon
I will leave you with this:
For every evil under the sun, 
There is a remedy, or there is none; 
If there be one, try and find it,
If there be none, nevermind it.