Saturday, April 27, 2019

04-25-2019 LaSalle Canyon

Fifty SR Walkers took the long walk to LaSalle Canyon and back on a sunny Spring morning. Even the water snakes were out catching some rays!
Note: the bluebells carpet in Illinois Canyon is staring its annual appearance. It will last about two weeks.

SR Walkers enjoying a sunny and dry East Bluff trail.
A patch of prairie trillium (bloody noses) soak up some sunlight before they are covered by the emerging bluebells.

The state flower is now blooming everywhere in Illinois!

Yellow bellwort is peaking in the Park and won't be here much longer.
Squirrel corn looks like a white bleeding heart and squirrels do not eat it.

That is the Club's official tail in front of the LaSalle Canyon waterfall. Don is the reason that no Walker has ever been left behind.

Fiddlehead ferns are breaking out of the duff.
They gradually unroll.

When leaves appear at the heads they are no longer eatable.
False rue anemone has replaced hepatica and bloodroot. 

The year's first sighting of brown watersnakes warming on the river rip-rap.
Nothing to see here! Move along now!

Just another piece of driftwood.

Dutchman's breeches are also peaking in the Park.

The twin heart-shaped wild ginger leaves have popped through the duff.

Jack in the pulpit appears before it's leaves unfurl.

Here the roof off the pulpit is folded back for a clear view of Jack.
Shooting stars are preparing or launch above French Canyon.
 I will leave you with this: " A fine landscape is like a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo. Even a bicycle goes too fast."

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Starved Rock Nature Preserve 04-18-2019

Twin Falls on the Left (Marquette Canyon) formerly known as Curtis Canyon

The Starved Rock Walker's Club was scheduled to go to a Nature Preserve today.  We have a few Nature Preserves to choose from and we only go a couple times a year, only in early Spring and Winter. There are no trails  and no one removes dead trees or fixes up the place.  You also will not find any boardwalks or stairways.  The plants will be growing taller than we are soon.  The areas will soon be overgrown with multifloral roses and itch weed. The ticks are also plentiful in the preserves. Some walkers today went to St. Louis Canyon. There were 20 hikers that went to the Preserve. 

20 hikers went to the Nature Preserve

Ron wore his fancy 2 pound boot coveralls.  Hopefully they will keep his feet dry. 

All strapped on and ready to go. 

Dutchman's Breeches are everywhere. (I took lots of photos of them.)

Dutchmans, by a mossy tree

A double May Apple.  You can even see the apple in the center of the two umbrellas.  This will turn into a white flower and then back to an apple. 

Once we arrived at the bottom of the hill, there is a place called Twin Falls.  This photo is the Falls on the Left.  This canyon is called Marquette (formerly Curtis Canyon) 

View from behind Twin Falls Left, waterfall

Toothwort was everywhere

Rock formations were everywhere.

Rock formations with foliage (something you don't see at Starved Rock anymore)

Nodding White Trillium.  If it was a sunny day these gorgeous flowers would be blooming. 

We walked in the stream most of the way.

The things you see when you are looking

Squirrel Corn was also peeking out, not many, but it was there. 

Blue Cohash just coming up.  In the fall the flowers will have little blue beads

Someone before us places this scull on a branch

Another cool rock formation (better in person)

In a few days Virginia Bluebells will be spectacular

Yellow Bell Wort was plentiful

Marquette Canyon Waterfall from a distance.  The deck at the top of the waterfall is on Grand Bear Property.
From an old guide book from 1974 is the following: Marquette Canyon-(formerly Curtis Canyon) Renamed to honor the Jesuit missionary, Father Jacques Marquette (1637-1675), co-discoverer of the "Illinois Country" and missionary to the Illinois Indians in 1675

A closer view of the Marquette Canyon

White Trillium

There were a few Fiddlehead Ferns

Fiddlehead ferns

This picture shows Joann just loving hiking in the rain

More Dutchman's Breeches

I am looking over the edge of Twin Falls to the Left

This is the less impressive Twin Falls on the right.  If you would follow this stream, you would come to Jolliet Canyon (formerly Hitt Canyon). Renamed to honor the French explorer Louis Jolliet (1645-1700). Discoverer of the "Illinois Country" in 1673. This description also came from a guide book dated 1974

False Rue Anemone

Found this burl on the way back up the hill to our cars. 
I will leave you with this: God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used any to say Thank You?