Friday, September 11, 2015

September 10, 2015 Matthiessen State Park

Today's Walker's Club had about 34 walker's on a great weather day.  We started in the Lodge's Lobby and carpooled to Matthiessen State Park's North entrance off of Rt. 71.  The Lake shelter entrance.  (Deer Park Country Club).
Best photo of today's hike
And we're off!

Today much of our hike was on a multi use trail.  Cross Country Skiing and Horseback Riding

Common Thistle

Even though this looks purple, it is called "Great Blue Lobelia"
I've been trying to identify some butterflies lately.  I used this booklet to identify the following butterfly.  They sell these among other guides in the gift shop at the Lodge.  Other guides are available for wildflowers, birds and trees.

An American Lady Butterfly hanging out on some Daisy Fleabane

American Lady

Common Mildweed

One of my favorite photos from the walk around Lake Matthiessen

Matthiessen Lake

The "Boat House"  at Matthiessen Lake

Lake Falls

Waterfall near Giant's Bathtub

Ferns and Lichen on the sandstone walls

With 34 walker's someone has to be last.

Lots of roots on the trail

Lots of roots make up the trail

Pay attention, follow the leader, one step at a time.

Looking South and down into the Cascade Falls area (no waterfall today)

Poor Mandy, lots of cockle burrs today.  Her master Roseanne, says she takes many of them off herself.  Roseanne also will be giving here a good brushing when they get home. (Maybe that is why she got the burrs in the first place).

Rattlesnake Root

Looking at the bridge by the Lake Shelter that is over Lake Falls
I will leave you with this: Nothing in nature lives for itself. Rivers don't drink their own water.  Trees don't eat their own fruit.  Sun doesn't give heat for itself.  Flowers don't spread fragrance for themselves.  Living for others is the Rule of Nature!