Thursday, July 20, 2017

Council Overhang, Ottawa, Kaskaskia and Illinois Canyons 07-20-2017

14 hikers came on today's walk.  We met in the Lodge's Lobby.  We carpooled to Council Overhang parking lot and walked into Ottawa and Kaskaskia Canyons.  Moved our cars to Illinois Canyon parking lot and walked in from there.  Cool weather early on with a breeze.  When we finished, about 11:30a.m. it was a bit steamy.  3 great waterfalls.  Not here for long!!!

I love this photo

Bladdernut tree

Use your imagination.  See it?

Trail back to the Lodge- Some chose to do this route.

Going up to Council Overhang

Just a little muddy

The water crossings were a little......WET!

When is the last time you saw Ottawa Canyon Waterfall like this?  Springtime?

I love seeing the straight canyon wall in Ottawa Canyon

Jewel weed is starting to bloom.

Jewel weed also has a pest. Japanese Beetle

Kaskaskia Canyon is always picturesque.  Today is no exception.

Watch out for the roots on the path, especially in Kaskaskia Canyon

A type of Campanula Flower

Right when I think I have seen it all.......  Found this coming out of Kaskaskia Canyon.

Lots of new Fungus and Mushrooms today

Snake Grass / Horse tails at the intersection of Ottawa and Kaskaskia Canyons

Taking a break, waiting for everyone to come out of both canyons.

On to Illinois Canyon

A little preview of the waterfall to come

Illinois Canyon was roaring today

Mushrooms in a log

More mushrooms

Illinois Canyon has 3 streams to cross.  3 on the way in and the same 3 on the way out.

Love this photo.  Coming out of Illinois Canyon
I will leave you with this: Know that being beautiful is the same as being yourself.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Aurora, Sac, Kickapoo and St. Louis Canyons 07-13, 2017

Today we had about 42 hikers.  We all started out in the Lodge's Lobby and headed for St. Louis Canyon on the West Bluff Trail.  We first saw Aurora, Sac, Kickapoo and finishing up with St. Louis Canyon.  Then we walked by to the Lodge.  Some of us went into Aurora Canyon. (not very many took advantage of my favorite canyon today).

St. Louis Canyon today

The Lodge's Day lilies were in bloom this morning by the pool

The Lodge has numerous chainsaw woodcarvings around the grounds.  This is one of our newest.  Carved figures on the front with the details on the back.

We are on our way

Starting out over the bridge on the West Bluff trail

Going over Sac Canyon.  There is actually water flowing here.

Coming down by the "Yellow Rock" 

Rock formation that makes a nice resting spot.  Maybe on the way back.

One of the many trail maps.  These are placed at all of the major intersections in the park.

Peggy spotted this giant slug. (Leopard slug)

Leopard Slug

Black eyed Susan

These are all over the park.  Not sure on the name.

Found just a few of these.  Campanula

Approaching St. Louis Canyon

St. Louis Canyon

Still a nice waterfall in St. Louis Canyon

Gypsy Moth Larvae were everywhere on the logs.

Lace Cap Hydrangea must like the sand. Found this group all by itself next to the sandstone edge in St. Louis Canyon

Walker's Club enjoying St. Louis Canyon

Saw this on the way back.  Thinking it is a morning glory flower about to bloom.  We'll see.

These Maiden Hair ferns grow in Aurora Canyon

Aurora Canyon, Looking Good!

Cocoa likes Aurora Canyon

A few more enjoyed Aurora Canyon also

Ferns and Lichen on the walls of Aurora Canyon

Not much wind today for the Glassinator to get twirling.

The Cafe's thought for the week.
I will leave you with this: Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.  Most of the time.