Sunday, August 20, 2017

08-17-2017 LaSalle Canyon

Today's walker's club departed the Lodge's lobby at 9:00a.m. headed for LaSalle Canyon.  53 walkers and 2 dogs.  Many of the walker's picked up trash today. 

LaSalle Canyon

Leaving the Lodge

Joe is giving every one a little bit of history and trail conditions.

Smooth Yellow False Foxglove

Smooth Yellow False Foxglove is plentiful in the park

View looking North from the LaSalle Canyon bridge

Yes, I am in the LaSalle Canyon stream.  I picked up a FULL green garbage bag full of plastic bottles. How can people leave their trash in such a beautiful place?  I would think they would want to see it in its beauty all the time. 

On the way to LaSalle Canyon we left a few bags of trash here in hopes that someone would take them back to the Lodge for disposal.  (We did mention it to a few people).  Thank you to whoever helped out!

Joe heading up the Bluff stairs.  I went under the stairs and picked up another FULL green trash bag.

Top of Wildcat Canyon

On the way back to the Lodge

Paw Paw tree.  These leaves are huge

Dolls eyes

Part of the trash picked up today.

I will leave you with this: Be yourself, no matter what what other people think.  God made you the way you are for a reason.  Besides an original is always worth more than a copy.