Thursday, August 1, 2019

45 SR Walkers enjoyed the first day of the last full month of summer by walking the East Bluff Trail from the Hennepin parking lot out to Owl Canyon and back. A perfect August morning for a walk in the Park!

Here is a close look at Chicory, all those blue roadside weed dots you are currently speeding past.  Stop, look, and enjoy their celebration of summer!

SR Walkers gathering at the Hennepin parking lot.

Crossing Rt. 71 and plunging into the green tunnel.

 True Queen Anne's Lace always has that one centered purple blossom.

 When seed production is complete the Lace begins to close...

...into a nice basket!

 Purple Sweet Clover is just beginning to celebrate August.

 It is nice when the trail reminds you it is indeed a glorious morning!

 This is exactly what you want to see on a Milkweed!

 Since all Park trails are now under the green tunnel no sunscreen is needed. Oddly enough, no insect repellent was needed either!

 These Walkers pause on the south rim...

 … to look for the headwall down there in Hidden Canyon.
This is why we say the East Bluff Trail is only MOSTLY level!

 Walkers on a mud-free trail descent across a dry Owl Creek.

 It is the pileated woodpecker that leaves these oval shaped tree borings.
 A trail view of the Rt. 71 bridge across upper Hennepin Canyon.

 A trail section along the east rim of Hennepin Canyon.

 A trail bridge view up a rapidly drying Hennepin Creek.

A perfect day for this quote from Jamie Luner,

"Hiking is the best workout!...You can hike for two hours and not even realize you are working out."

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