Wednesday, July 3, 2019

It might be that only twenty-five SR Walkers remembered that Thursday's walk was happening on Wednesday this week. It was a humid pre-holiday walk out to Eagle Cliff and back.
 Most walkers took on an extra drink of water as we left the Lodge.
 Everyone enjoys the gravity assist that comes with going down the 150 metal stairs that separate the Lodge from the Visitors Center.
 All Park trails will be under the "green tunnel" until October.
 The narrow waterfilled opening into French Canyon forces all groups into a single file.
 Leaving the canyon is always trickier than climbing into it. Last night's inch+ rainfall made it even more interesting! 
A pause in the shaded parts of Lovers Leap is always refreshing...
...and this overlook always gives the best view of the Hungry Butte, now covered in Summer green.  
 An Eagle Cliff view of the SR dam shows that only tainter gate #3 is in "none shall pass" mode. The nine other gates are raised at least six feet to allow the latest large rainfall to move downstream.
 When the Bluff Trail bends around the rim of French Canyon the Lodge is very near. 
French Creek is also in a hurry to get out into the river.
A view of French Creek disappearing down the fall into lower French Canyon.

Yes, the SR Walkers always end up right where they started.

As Robert Louis Stevenson said,

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go."