Thursday, October 29, 2015

10-29-2015 Walker's Club, Wildcat & French Canyons, Eagles Cliff, Lover's Leap

Today's Walker's Club totaled 41 people.  We left the Lodge and headed out on the Campanula to Wildcat Canyon. On to Eagles Cliff and Lover's Leap (Great colors here). We finished up in French Canyon.  It was a bit breezy and the sun came out occasionally.  Saw some great color on the overlooks. Enjoy!!

Theme photo of the day

Wet boardwalks can sometimes be slippery. 

These are Paw Paw trees - brilliant yellows

This is a Paw Paw tree leaf.  HUGE

How many people did you saw this deck was good for? 

Looking into Wildcat Canyon, sorry folks, the waterfalls are done for the season.

Inside Wildcat Canyon, Soon we will be seeing frozen ice falls here.

Part of the steps leading up to Eagle's Cliff

Best colors yet!!!  Taken from Eagles Cliff, looking East

Leopold Island

Lock and Dam

Is that an Eagle?  You bet it is!!!  Soon we will have plenty more.

Starved Rock from Lover's Leap

Today we had plenty of pelicans. I zoomed in and got a close up of this lone pelican

Joe is telling the Legend of Starved Rock

Devil's Nose

Walking into French

French Canyon, no waterfall here either.

Everyone leaving French Canyon
I will leave you with this: One small crack doesn't mean you are broken, it just means that you were put to the test and were strong enough not to break.

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