Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oct. 15, 2015 Matthiessen State Park Dells Area

Today the Walker's Club had a record number of hikers - 49.  We met in the Lobby of the Lodge and carpooled to Matthiessen State Park the Dells Area, near the replica fort.  The Fall colors were fabulous.  I think they are better today than at Starved Rock.  We even saw a waterfall, or at least water falling. 
Theme photo of the hike

We started by the fort area.  49 people and 3 dogs

We pretty much took the whole stairway

Matthiessen State Park has more trails than you think

Matthiessen Lake Falls Bridge

Matthiessen Lake

Not sure when the new small stepping stones arrived, but thank you, it was a big help.

Waterfall-ing at Lake Falls

Can you see the waterfall in the background?  More like water falling, some is better than nothing.  This couple was staying at the Lodge and came hiking with us today.  Hope they had a great time. 

There is Sandstone everywhere

Giant's Bathtub

Our Singapore friends took many photos.

Some of the faster hikers made it to the bridge before the rest of us
Joe was giving us directions if we wanted to cut our hike short.  Only about 6 opted to leave early.

Oak leaves are generally brown in the fall.

Nice Color everywhere

Don is contemplating? Pondering? Thinking? Debating? Wondering?

Concrete Bridge at the South end of the Dells area
Down in the Lower Dells area

Is there a resemblance???? At least both are smiling and have a hat.

See the face?  Many people walk right by and don't see it.  Have you?

In the  Cascade Falls area
This couple came from Singapore.  The gentleman ran in the Chicago Marathon and came down to hike with us today.  He found us from this hiking blog.

Part of the group around Strawberry Rock

Cross Country Skiing will be coming soon. Trails are marked

This cabin is where the cross country skis are rented.
I will leave you with this: Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

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