Friday, November 6, 2015

November 5, 2015 Hennepin, Owl, LaSalle Canyons

Feature photo of the hike

Today was not your typical November day.  When we started out it was about 65-70 degrees with mostly sunny skies.  We had 47 hikers and a record of 6 dogs. I took all their photos....

We found this snake along the side of the trail early on the hike.

This happy Peoria couple are on their honeymoon.  We were honored that those chose to spend some time with us.






Quite the trail of hikers we have today

Taking a small break.  Next we gave the group the option of continuing further to LaSalle Canyon or turning around and going back to the car.  About 7 chose to end it here.

One of the bridges on the way to LaSalle Canyon

Woodpecker in the distance

Our Honeymooners!  Love this photo!  LaSalle Canyon

1 snake in the "Snake Tree" There were 2 total

Weird spider on the trail

Conveniently located bench.  Eagles Cliff in the background

Leaves from the Paw Paw tree

I will leave you with this: Hiking has many health benefits.  It is proven to boost creativity, an helps those suffering depression.  We all can self-help a bit by hiking, whether it be just dropping the technology at the door for a few hours, or getting some much-needed exercise, nature awaits.

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