Thursday, September 26, 2019

It was a perfect Fall day for the SR Walkers visit to Buffalo Rock State Park. (48 walkers, 2 dogs). 

 I caught Holly as she was leaving her shed for some
 sun bathing.
 Pebbles mother, Holly, passed a few weeks ago. 
She is now awaiting a new companion.
The oak trees in the park are majestic.
 What you cannot see here are the mosquitoes
because there are none!
 The Walkers gearing up in the Parking lot.
 This pair was among the first time walkers.
 You may want to adjust your walking schedule to this sign at the beginning of the Effigy Tumuli Trail.
 The trail meanders through an old strip mine that was reclaimed some thirty years ago.
 Hard to believe we played "Moon Explorers" here in the 1960's when it was grey mounds of mine waste totally devoid of plant life!
 I had to scale the head of the catfish effigy to get this pic of the group pausing at a river overlook.
 There is a single file path through the prairie 
out to the catfish.
 Most of the group thought is was a perfect day 
to summit the catfish!
No switchbacks up this summit!
 Hydration break at the turnaround point at the west edge of the Park.

 The return trail leaves the tumuli prairie
for the shaded forest.
Last stop on the overlook platform just below 
the picnic area. A great way to begin autumn!

 Charles Dickens once said:
"The sum of the whole is this:
walk and be happy;
walk and be healthy.
The best way to lengthen our days
is to walk steadily and with a purpose."

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