Thursday, January 17, 2019

Hennepin, Hidden, Owl Canyon

What a great day to hike!  About 30 degrees.  Not much ice on the trails. Some people wore yak-trax.  I brought mine but didn't put them on.   Today's hike we met in the Lodge's Lobby and carpooled to the Hennepin Canyon parking lot on Rt. 71 East of the Lodge.  

All 43 of us walking single file to cross the road and onto the main trail

Beyond the trees is the Illinois River

View from Hennepin Canyon Overlook

Trail conditions: Snowy with ice underneath

Looking at the West wall of Hennepin Canyon

A little fungi on the way

From the Hennepin Canyon Bridge looking South

Looking into Hennepin Canyon from the bridge

Looking back at the semi frozen Hennepin Frozen Ice fall

Hidden Canyon, its hidden, so we think this is Hidden Canyon

The ice was a little crunchy.  Not to bad to walk on.

We got to the top of Owl Canyon and some opted to hike back to the Lodge (10pp)  The rest turned around and went back to the cars. I rode with a friend, so I went back to the car. 

I was near the end on the way back

This snow melting on the rail by the closed Owl Canyon Overlook.  How does this happen?  Draped for winter. 

You have to be somewhat in shape to do these stairs (roots) in the winter.

Always trying to get a better photo of Hennepin Canyon

This boardwalk needs a little help.  Be careful here. This is on the trail a  little West of the Hennepin Canyon Overlook

This little sapling looks deadly. I think its some kind of a locust tree. 
I will leave you with this: Love yourself for all you have been, all you are, and all you will become!

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