Thursday, January 10, 2019

01-10-2019 Wildcat Canyon

Today was remarkable.  Lots of people came out to hike today, between 50-60 people. With the drop in temperature the waterfalls are starting to freeze again.  Trails were in great shape, no ice or mud. 
Wildcat Canyon icefall

Everyone leaving the Lodge heading out to LaSalle Canyon

Frozen creek above French Canyon

I love this section above French Canyon

Boardwalk on the way to Wildcat Canyon.  Not slippery today!

Stairway leading down to the top of Wildcat Canyon

Top of Wildcat Canyon

The middle to the end of the group arriving at Wildcat Canyon

Wildcat ice fall in Wildcat Canyon, view from the East platform

Joe says the limit is 18 hikers.  Hope they are lightweight under all that winterwear. Kathy Casstevens took a photo from the West Overlook.  She is in the distance with the red coat.

These hikers decided they have seen Wildcat Canyon before, so they patiently waited for the rest of us.

View from Sandstone Point looking West

Some are still arriving for the great view

Great view of the Sandstone here

What a view today!

On our way down the bluff stairs by Lonetree Canyon

The group went on the LaSalle Canyon, while I headed back to the Lodge.  Here is a photo of Lonetree Canyon.  No trail into this canyon

Red trail markers still mean the same thing in the winter.  This sign signifies that this path is not a trail.

Along the river the ice makes the coolest formations

This bench has eroded away a few years ago.  Love the ice by the seat of the bench

Wildcat Canyon Creek

Just cleaning up some fallen trees near Beehive Overlook

Stairs leading up to a beautiful blue sky or the Eagle's Cliff / cutoff to the bluff trail

Deer on the bluff trail near Lover's Leap
Another deer

There are 3 deer in this photo, all laying down

My favorite deer photo

Owl woodcarving in front of the Lodge.  Owl Prowl Weekend March 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Owl programs Saturday and Sunday at 10:00, 12;00 and 2:00p.m. Call the Activities for more information.

I will leave you with this: A person's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time - pills or stairs.

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