Thursday, March 12, 2020

None of today's 46 SR Walkers were tested so none were positive. We walked out to St. Louis & Aurora Canyons without seeing any covid-19. Not sure about next week.
 We left the Lodge without attaching traction as we were expecting mud not ice.
 A trail view of the upper Aurora Canyon waterfall.
 Climbing the rim trail above Aurora Canyon.
 A trail bridge view down the Sac Canyon waterfall to water splashing over a ledge thirty feet below before falling another thirty-five feet to the creek on the canyon floor.
 Our footwear determines whether we walk through the mud or around it.
 Trekking poles take 50% of the weight off your knees. Most don't walk without them.
 Some trees appear to be prepping for St. Patrick's Day.
 Looking down the trail stairs beside "yellow rock".
 My favotite piece of the Bluff Trail winds along the narrowest part of the bluff.
 St. Louis Canyon off the left side of the trail, the Illinois River Valley off the right.
 A view from the Bluff Trail down to the Walkers on the canyon trail.
 A turkey tail "fun guy" party on a trailside log.
 A view up St. Louis Creek to the Walkers massed below the canyon headwall.
 St. Louis Canyon always dwarfs its visitors...
 ...and doesn't miss the dwarves when they are gone.
 Walkers headed back down canyon.
 A trail bridge view of the white St. Peter sand moving down the bottom of St. Louis Creek.
 The Walkers don't notice but others say the canyon trail could use some maintenance.
 Trail stairs curving across the top of "yellow rock".
 A bluff Trail view of some Walker "ants" on the floor of Aurora Canyon.
A trail bridge view up Aurora Creek.

We will end our first pandemic hike with a quote from Sarah Louise Arnold,

 "Wholesome exercise in the free air, under the wide sky, is the best medicine for body and spirit."

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