Friday, July 20, 2018

July 12th St. Louis Canyon, picnic July 19th and trail signs

Quite a few walkers today on a hot day.  We left the Lodge's Lobby and headed out to the West Bluff trail. Coming back from St. Louis Canyon, many of the group went down into Aurora, but I had a hike scheduled with a school group at 11:00a.m.

Take a break when the weather heats up

Coming across the bridge

Looking down into Aurora Canyon from the bluff trail

Top of Sac Canyon

Some of the stairs are eroding.  Some of the steps here are very deep.  Some up to 18 inches.

Nice sitting spots along the West Bluff trail on the way to St. Louis Canyon

Part of the creek in St. Louis Canyon

A hole in the sandstone in St. Louis Canyon

Pick a plank!  If you choose wisely you can get into the canyon to see the waterfall without getting your feet wet.

St. Louis Canyon

St. Louis Canyon Waterfall

Looking out of the canyon.  All taking a break before heading back

White trillium  after the white flower is gone.

Final stairway of the day back to the Lodge

The paths are getting thinner with all the summer growth.

One of the many pieces of chainsaw art on the Lodge's property.  This one is on the west side of Lodge.

The "Stargazer"  another piece of art on the West side of the Lodge.  It is begging us to all lay down and take a nap. 

Some day lilies near the Lodge

I walk by this patch of lilies everyday. Today I took a photo. 

I will leave you with this:Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile.

 This past week, I didn't go on the hike but we always have a group Walker's Club picnic in July whereas everyone brings a dish to pass.  What a turnout we had.  The hike was at Matthiessen State Park with about 40 hikers.  38 hikers stayed for the picnic.  The food was awesome.  Thank you everyone!
Front of the food line

I received a call this morning that all 11 signs for the Interpretive Trail are now completed.  I took a ride over to the Anderson Signs and Designs workshop near Streator to see them.  Amy Trimble (Lodge's CEO) and Lisa Sons (Starved Rock State Park's Site Interpreter). 
This is what 1/2 of them looked like laying on the floor.  There are 11 all together.

All together on the floor.

 There will be a grand opening sometime in August/September.  First I need to meet with the park superintendent to coordinate putting them on the trail.

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