Saturday, February 24, 2018

Feb. 15, 2018 Aurora, Sac, Kickapoo, St. Louis Canyons

Today was a little drizzly.  I did put on my poncho for a bit.  I really don't like to get wet when hiking.  There were 38 hikers today.  Saw some great icefalls. Today we met in the Lobby and headed to St. Louis Canyon.  For those that wanted to extend their hiking today, some joined me to Aurora Canyon.

Update on the Adopt a Trail. To date we have collected $2554.00.  Our goal is $4972.00.  We are taking donations for an Interpretive Sign program on a stretch of trail near the Lodge.  There will be 11 signs total, all with historical information.  This trail is fairly flat and are hoping in the future it will be handicap accessible. If interested, call my office at 815-220-7386.  Thank you for your help.

38 hikers take off  from the Lodge toward St. Louis Canyon.

These holes are on the footbridge over the road to the Lodge

Top of Aurora

Wood chips, now how do you suppose they got there?  Next photo.....

A pileated wood pecker has been working on this tree. 

Follow the tracks and you should be ok today.  

Love the fog photos

Going up these steps on the way back is always a tough one.

Nobody has taken a break on the natural bench since the snow fall

St. Louis Canyon waterfall didn't disappoint today.

More fog pictures.  

This was behind the waterfall.  It's hard to see, but the black area is a hole and the water is going in.  Some went over the hole to the other side, but not me, I was ok just taking a photo.

I formation from the side.

Another ice formation in St. Louis Canyon

Photo looking out from behind the Waterfall.

Group of walker's in front of the waterfall 

I think raccoon tracks

Some went into Aurora Canyon with me.  As you can see in the photo, just a deer was recently here. Not many people adventure into Aurora.

Sandstone steps going into Aurora.  Yes they are snow covered and intimidating. 

Absolutely worth it!  Aurora Canyon

Last part of the trail into or out of Aurora

Stargazer at the Lodge.
I will leave you with this: Savor the grays.  The moments in between the black and white are the ties that hold it all together.  The minutes, the days, the years, the decades.  Together they weave a canvas of time that creates our own story, each one building on the last. 

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