Thursday, July 6, 2017

Starved Rock, Lover's Leap, Eagles' Cliff, Pontiac and Wildcat Canyon 07-06-2017

Today's walker's club hiked on the trails near the Lodge.  We met in the Lobby of the Lodge and departed from there.  We went down the major stairway behind the Lodge (150 stairs) and to the top of Starved Rock.  Coming down from Starved Rock, we went to Lover's Leap and Eagles' Cliff.  Went down to the River trail from here and into Wildcat Canyon.  Some left here and went up the stairway and back to the Lodge.  Others backtracked to the short cut trail near Eagle's Cliff and back to see the top of Pontiac Canyon and then to Wildcat Canyon.  We finished on the Campanula Trail near the parking lot about 11:30a.m. 

Do we look HOT???  We are HOT!!!

Belle of the Rock, a miniature paddlewheeler located in the lower picnic area. Offers rides 7 days a week, every hour on the hour from noon-4:00p.m.

View of Starved Rock Lodge from the top of Starved Rock

Solar panel at the top of Starved Rock.  This panel takes in the rays and helps light the flag atop Starved Rock.

Small blue/flower under the solar panel

Another wildflower on the other side of the boardwalk atop of Starved Rock near the battery pack for the solar panel.  This time I know the name: Mullein

View of Lover's Leap, from the top of Starved Rock

Saw this Morning Glory coming down from the top of Starved Rock

On our way to Lover's Leap

One of our guides, Joe, telling us the Legend of Starved Rock (pictured in the background) 

Is there a limit to how many people on the Lover's Leap deck?

Next stop is Eagle's Cliff

Eagle's Cliff

Best view in the park, says me!

View of the Lock and Dam from Eagle's Cliff

Beaver Scar,  he'll finish it later.

Wildcat Canyon. No it's not the weekend, the walker's club today was 55 hikers. Today they picked up LOTS and LOTS of trash.  Thanks to all who helped.

Lace capped Hydrangea. Notice the bee?

View of the East Overlook in Wildcat Canyon

Not a hiker in sight.  And look how clean the floor of the canyon is.  Amazing!
I will leave you with this: Enjoy each precious moment and always give your best.  Remember keep faith in God, then you will be truly blessed.

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