Thursday, March 16, 2017

03-16-2017 St. Louis and Aurora Canyon

Ice in St. Louis Canyon

Today's Walker's Club left the Lodge's lobby and headed for St. Louis Canyon.  Some came directly back to the Lodge, and some chose to walk through the picnic area and going into Aurora Canyon before ending the hike at the Lodge.  43 hikers today. Trails were still snowy and icy.

Joe was quizzing the group on the Illinois symbols.  Nancy had a flat Stanley that made his way through the park today.

The boardwalk going out on the West Bluff trail was icier than I had anticipated.

The last half of the group coming down the stairs by "the orange rock"

The frozen stream formations on the way into St. Louis Canyon

Not a full ice fall, But more than I thought there would be.

We didn't stay long on this break, it was a bit chilly today.

Frozen seepage coming from the base of St. Louis Canyon

St. Louis Canyon icicles

Group leaving St. Louis Canyon

Cool ice formations on the creek coming out of St. Louis Canyon

A slippery narrow board is the way to get over the partially frozen stream.

I was in the group that went over the entrance road and through the picnic area.

The old road (now trail), soon to be the new road to the new bridge. They are clearing the trees out now.

Coming through the picnic area, love the Canadian Geese on the bathroom roof

Found this Skunk Cabbage flower (it is in the center and is maroonish in color)

A Couple of Skunk Cabbage flowers with the beginnings of a leaf

Donna Coleman in Aurora Canyon

Climbing out of Aurora Canyon

One last photo of Aurora Canyon

This is the only place in the park that I have fell off the trail.  (not today, but I came close)

Lots of snow and ice still on the trails.
I will leave you with this: A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.

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