Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mega Hike 11-2-2016 & Ottawa, Kaskaskia, Illinois Canyons 11-3

Best view in the park

I am combining 2 hikes on this post.  Yesterday I was one of the leaders for the first ever Mid-Week Mega Hike.  However my camera doesn't take photos in the rain and since we had some rain in the middle of hike, a portion of the hike is missing.  So enjoy the beginning and the end.

Hike #1
For the Mega Hike, the trolley takes the group to Illinois Canyon parking lot and you walk back to the Lodge going into every accessible canyon.  Lunch is between 1-1:30p.m. After lunch hikers then head out to the west side of the park, finishing up around 4:30p.m. 

Illinois Canyon has a stream which you have to cross 3 times going in and 3 times coming out.  Photo is the 2nd crossing.

Here we have 2 "water-falls"  Get it? 

What a great group photo Illinois Canyon

Paw Paw trees are vividly yellow

Stopping at the boot, for a very short break

Council Overhang from the back wall

Going into Kaskaskia Canyon

Kaskaskia Canyon waterfall

Looking out of Kaskaskia from the waterfall

A little tricky getting out of the canyon.  Lots of roots

Going into Ottawa Canyon

Ottawa Canyon Waterfall

Coming out of Ottawa Canyon from the waterfall

Horsetails, located at the intersection of Ottawa / Kaskaskia Canyons

Crossing Rt. 71 just to arrive at another stairway

Great color on the trail

Today my favorite color is yellow

Can you see the trail through the leaves?
 Ok, so this is when it started to rain and my camera stopped working.Missing is photos from Hennepin, Owl, LaSalle and Tonti Canyons.

Wildcat Canyon Waterfall

View of the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center.  Great colors!

Excellent colors looking East from Eagles Cliff

Fall Colors has peaked today!

Everyone at Lover's Leap.  Ron was telling the Legend.  10 minutes until lunch.

Bridge over French Canyon. 2-3 minutes before lunch
We had lunch at the Lodge.  Chicken Ceasar Wrap, Chips, Apple, Granola Bar and Bottle of Water.  Short 1/2 hour lunch and then back on the trail.

Going into French Canyon

French Canyon Waterfall

View of French Canyon looking out.

Coming out of French Canyon

View of Lover's Leap from the East side of Starved Rock

View from the top of Starved Rock looking East

While at the top of Starved Rock we were lucky enough to see an eagle. on Leipold Island

In the distance is the Starved Rock Lodge. View is from stop of Starved Rock

Aurora Canyon with water flowing

All of us didn't fit into Aurora, so we had to go in a few at a time.

Switching the people in the canyon

Aurora Canyon from the top trail

Sac Canyon

Everyone posing for photo on the Sac Canyon bridge

On the way to St. Louis Canyon.  Can't even see the trail.

The boardwalks are full of leaves and slippery

Stairway by the orange rock on the way to St. Louis Canyon

2 frogs sharing a small log or rock

7-8 frogs on the logs.

A very wet Mega - Hike shirt

 Hike #2
Today's Walker's Club hike drove to Council Overhang parking lot and walked into Kaskaskia and Ottawa Canyons.

Going up and into Council Overhang

A few mushrooms on a log
A small Council Overhang on the way into Kaskaskia Canyon

Kaskaskia Canyon from the side

Kaskaskia Canyon Waterfall

Fallen leaves on a log

Bonus waterfall on the way into Illinois Canyon

Illinois Canyon waterfall zoomed photo up close

Illinois Canyon

Coming out of Illinois Canyon
The past two days of hiking was just the right time to see the fall colors.  Except for a little bit of rain (great for the waterfalls), the weather was great.  

I will leave you with this: When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.

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  1. Agreed, I feel very lucky to have gone on the (first-ever!) Mid-Week Mega Hike and see what is probably the peak Fall colors! Enjoyed seeing most of the canyons, too--I would do it again! Love all your photos and captions, as always. :)