Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wildcat, Pontiac Canyons 10-13-2016

Today was a perfect mid week day to hike.  The sun was shining, not to much wind and no rain.  I did have to cut my hike short.  I hiked to Wildcat and Pontiac Canyons for a short 1 hour hike.  The rest of the Walker's Club hiked on to LaSalle Canyon and back.

38 walker's today, surprisingly no dogs

Little bit of color before we started the trail

The stream feeding into the top of French Canyon

Going up the first stairway. 

Boardwalks can be slippery when wet.  No falls that I know of today.

All arriving at Wildcat Canyon

Upper Wildcat Canyon

The group went on to the East Overlook of Wildcat Canyon for a better view of the waterfall.  They hiked on, and I went back to the Lodge.

I was anticipating this area over Pontiac Canyon to be extremely muddy with all the rain we had.  Not the case.  It was very dry.  Pleasant to walk on.

Lodge turnoff, behind me is the path to Lover's Leap/Eagles Cliff

Some of the bright fall colors on the trail.  We have some time yet.

Top of French

Top of French

Looking up into one of the trees near the trail head at the Lodge

Walkway bridge to the Lodge (over Fox Canyon)

My Fall guide on the colors.  Not quite yet.  "Edna's" tree.  This tree is on the back entrance road to the park.  Right off of Rt. 71

Found this grasshopper right outside my office on the sidewalk upon my return.
I will leave you with this: Always believe in YOU!  Listen to your heart.  Trust your instincts.  Know you CAN.  See your own strengths.  Dream it--Dare it.  DO what you are afraid of.  Keep the faith.  Follow your vision. Remember ANYTHING is possible if only you believe.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!