Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today's hike was a first.  We met in the Lobby of the Lodge.  The idea was to walk from the East end of the park to the Lodge and then walk back.  Well the ones that wanted to do it in full, drove their cars and left them in the parking lot, so they would be there when they returned.  I drove the trolley with the rest of them to Ottawa Canyon parking lot so they could walk back.  The Cafe at the Lodge offered $10 lunches for those that were interested.  We had 39 people walk to the Lodge and 9 people walk both ways.  

These are my one way travelers on the trolley

The "Boot" At the intersection going into Council Overhang

We couldn't help but go into Council Overhang

There were many "Fun Guys" on the hike today

More "Fun Guys" taking over this log near Hennepin Canyon. Turkey Tails

Hennepin Canyon Bridge

Nest above Hennepin Canyon

Hidden Canyon

Coral Fungus

Today would have been a great day to know your mushrooms

On the way back to the Lodge

Can you see the full snake and the tale of the second one?

View of the Illinois River from the LaSalle Canyon Bridge

Lots of Asian Carp or Cattfish sucking at the air under the LaSalle Canyon Bridge

View of Eagles Clif from the river trail

From this point, it is 10 minutes to the Lodge

Bright colored mushrooms

We are on our way back to Council Overhang for the 2nd half of our hike.  Photo of the top of Wildcat Canyon

View of Wildcat Canyon from the East Overlook

Nature's Photo Opportunity.  No one wanted to take a break yet.

I forced them all to stop for a photo.  Lester, Tom, Joane, Regina, Dan, Jack and Ron at the top of Lone tree Canyon

Our friend Burl...

Going down 155 on our way back.  It seems like the way back is taking less time.

This is one of the largest turtles I have seen on a log in the park. 

Paw Paw Tree on the River trail

Jewelweed / touch me nots.  This plant has seed pods that when ready, they will pop open when you touch them.  This is how the plant spread their seeds.

Bridge over the water coming out of LaSalle and Tonti Canyons

I took a photo of this little pink flower, in hopes of looking it up.  Sorry couldn't find it.

More fish, in the river close to the river trail

Common Aster, this plant is everywhere in the park.

Banded Woollybear Caterpillar (moth)

Fall is on its way!

For the most part, we didn't have much mud today.  This was the worst of it.  Found this coming in/out of the trail to Ottawa/Kaskakia Canyon

Wedding Cove.  Right near the parking lot of Ottawa / Kaskaskia Canyon

Another photo of the Wedding Cove.
I will leave you with this: Whatever you give to life, it gives you back !Do not hate anybody! The hatred that comes out of you will someday comeback to you! Love others and the love will comeback to you!


  1. The pink flower is some sort of False Foxglove (Agalinis spp.)

  2. Thanks I am looking forward to do some hiking this sunday/monday

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