Thursday, July 14, 2016

Starved Rock, Lover's Leap, Eagle's Cliff and Wildcat Canyon

I took this photo in a field of Sunflowers early in the morning on Tuesday. 

We split up into two groups today.  My group went to the top of Starved Rock, Lover's Leap, Eagle's Cliff, and Wildcat Canyon.  It was a little warm outside.  No wait, it was HOT!  Still a great hike.

My group descend the steps by the Back Door Lounge.  150 steps

These new Kiosks finally have posters.  I will try to get a better photo later without a glare.

Once at top of the Rock, Ron tells the new people of the group the legend of Lover's Leap

View of the Lodge from the South West side of the Rock

Two signs on the way to Starved Rock, tell visitors how to beware of Poison Ivy.
Campanula Flowers are everwhere

A young couple contemplating Lover's Leap.  Not really, just a great photo!

Also from Lover's Leap is a great view of Starved Rock

Starved Rock

The Illinois Waterway Visitor Center across the Illinois River

View looking East from Eagles Cliff.  "Best view in the Park"

Excellent place for a photo!  This photographer looks like a pro.

Wildcat Canyon.  What's wrong with this photo????? It has amazed me for years, why anyone would come to Starved Rock to enjoy the beauty and serenity of one of the great Natural Resources of Illinois, and leave their trash.

A new Walker Club member from Hennepin enjoying Wildcat Canyon

Family get together from Canton Illinois and Texas.  Hoped they liked the place and company!

Bottom of the waterfall in Wildcat Canyon

We are all just about ready to leave Wildcat Canyon.  4 bags of garbage later.

Top of Wildcat Canyon from the upper East overlook

Upper Wildcat waterfall

Seed pod at the base of the Green Dragon

Little snake at the top of French Canyon. Only about 8-10 inches.

2 bags went in the garbage can before I could get a photo, and 1 hiker put there garbage into a different can. 5 bags total. Mostly plastic water bottles.  Thanks all who helped.

I will leave you with this: If every morning you can find a reason to say, "It's going to be a beautifully great day".   And everyday you find a reason to say, "Yes, it is a beautifully great day".  And every night, you find a reason to say, "Yes, it was a beautifully great day". Then one day, you will be able to look back and easily say, "It has been a beautiful, great life"

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  1. Snake in question is a Dekay's Brown Snake, one of the most common species in Illinois. It eats mostly slugs, only grows to be about a foot long, and lives under fallen logs.