Friday, January 22, 2016

Starved Rock Nature Preserve Jan. 21, 2016

Today's Walker's Club left with 25 people.  The scheduled walk was one of the Nature Preserves- Walker's Choice.  So I chose the Nature Preserve off of Rt. 71 near the Vermillion River.  We had to REALLY carpool as there is only space for 6-7 cars in the parking lot there.  There was another group of hikers that stayed on the trails here by the Lodge.  They trekked to Wildcat Canyon, Lover's Leap and Eagles Cliff. (not pictured).  The trails are increasingly getting icy.  If you plan on going hiking, please wear some extra traction on your boots.  Yak trax or Katoohlas work the best. The gift shop at the Lodge carries the Yak trax.  Well worth the money.
Theme Photo of the hike

There are no trails in the Nature Preserve.

Nice frozen icicles on the wall going in.

Glen on an ice shelf.  This is how high the water was earlier when it flooded. (look at the bottoms of all the other trees).

Lots of trash floated in

Since this is an area that is often damp and often flooded, the Cottonwood trees love having their "feet" wet.  Couldn't resist the photo.  A bunch of tree huggers!

5 hikers circled the tree.  End to end, this was the circumference.

When we got to our half way point, there is a little cave like area that is along the Illinois River.  Some call it Little Rock, Split Rock and I have a map that calls it Chimney Rock. 

This wasn't taken on the hike, but on my way to work this morning on Rt. 351.  We have been seeing 2 adult eagles side by side for quite a while.  Even though they mate for life, during the winter months they are solitary.  I still think they are a pair that lives here.
I will leave you with this: When you think that you are not happy with your life, always think that someone is happy simply because you exist.

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