Saturday, August 8, 2015

Yoga Hiking Retreat August 5th - 6th 2015

This week I wasn't able to go with the Walker's Club as I was the hiking guide for the Yoga and Hiking Retreat.  This was held at the Starved Rock Lodge on Wed. August 5th and Thursday August 6th.  They had 4 yoga sessions, 2 hikes, 3 meals and one bonfire.  

Our hike on Wednesday went to St. Louis Canyon.  Thursday's hike was with lunch into LaSalle Canyon with a stop on the Wildcat Overlook.  We were expecting to do a bit of yoga while in LaSalle Canyon, but it was a bit crowded.
Theme photo of the hike

On our way to Wildcat Canyon
Top of Wildcat Canyon
A little butterfly enjoying the Wildcat Canyon also

We had 8 on the hike.  This is Wildcat Canyon Eastern overlook

None of them appears to be afraid of heights

Going down the 155

Our Yoga leader Amy Perona

This is how much yoga I did in the canyon

Most of us ate our lunch on our mats, some even took a short nap
We all were relaxing

While "napping I took this photo of the sky between the canyon walls.  This was very peaceful.

Instructor Amy Perona

I have no idea where these dots came from, but I like the photo.

All participants in front of the waterfall in LaSalle Canyon

This type of  Sunflower is plentiful in the park

Some type of an Aster found along the river trail
 Amy Perona instructs yoga from the Tana Yoga Studio in Peru Illinois.  Check out her website at  This is the first time we organized a Yoga and Hiking Retreat here at Starved Rock Lodge.  All had a great time.  Some of them stayed overnight and some just came for a day. 

I will leave you with this: The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

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