Friday, July 3, 2015

July 2, 2015- Matthiessen State Park, Upper trail around the dells, Annual Picnic

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The walker's club today went to Matthiessen State Park.  This sister park is about 1 1/2 miles south on Rt. 178.  We also get together for a potluck picnic once a year and it was scheduled for today. Not as much mud as expected, but we did have a mud cake at the Potluck. (thanks to Dawn) I was off work today and my daughter,  Hanna from Montana came for a visit. We were going to go Kayaking but with the water levels as they are we decided to go hiking instead.  Good choice.

My best count today was 34 hikers and 4 dogs.

Matthiessen Lake Falls.  I take all my photos, even though this looks like a stock photo.

There is a down tree near the falls, and you have to go under.  Some decided to wait at the staircase.

Tree blockage

Giant's Bathtub Falls

Giant's Bathtub Falls

Daylillies on the bank of Matthiessen Lake

Looking down from the bridge onto Lake Falls. 

Some of the walker's club waiting for the other 1/2 to arrive.  My daughter Hanna (from Montana) came for a holiday visit.

I should have taken a closer photo to identify this one.

With all the walker's, I lost track of Hanna

Notice the feathers?  This bird didn't have a very good day!

Small waterfall at Cedar Creek

We are on the cement walkway bridge at the south rim of  the Dells area.  Notice the floating bridge?  It is on its way to the Vermillion River. 

We could not go any further for obvious reasons!  Please do not go on Closed Trails! 

Strawberry Rock

Today was our Annual Potluck Picnic.  What a table full of food.  Enjoyed by friends, new and old!  The two ladies on the left were staying at the Lodge and enjoyed the hike and lunch today. At least I think they did.

Peggy's dog Puppy, came with her husband Don for lunch.
I will leave you with this: "The outdoors teach us many things we can't learn in any school".


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  2. I was last at Matthiessen on Sept 3. Now I know what happened to the footbridge that used to cross the small creek coming from Devil's Paint Box!

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