Monday, January 5, 2015

First Hike of the Year (Starved Rock Walker's Club) Jan. 2, 2015

The first hike of the year for the Starved Rock Walker's Club was on Friday Jan. 2.  We normally meet on Thursdays but with New Year's Day falling on Thursday, we changed it to Friday, just for this week. We left the Lodge's Lobby and headed to the top of Starved Rock.  From there we ventured into French Canyon.  On to Lover's Leap, Eagle's Cliff and finishing up with Wildcat Canyon.

18 hiker's today
Going down...... 150 steps
Steps behind the Lodge, by the Back Door Lounge
View from atop Starved Rock, looking East toward Lover's Leap
View of Leopold Island from the top of Starved Rock
That brown spot in the middle of the photo is an Eagle's nest.  Visible from the top of Starved Rock looking North
Illinois Waterway Visitor Center
Flag at the top of Starved Rock (I can never get a good photo) One of these days....
Original Plaque and flag dedication
We were all listening to Joe talk about the American Flag's solar light dedication in Sept. 19, 2014
Looking at the Lodge from the top of Starved Rock
Atop of Starved Rock looking West (picnic area)
New solar panel for the new flag light.
Going into French
Going into French was a little icy.  Probably the last time for me going in until the Spring.
Ice fall in French Canyon
Many elected not to venture into French Canyon
Ice formation on the way out of French Canyon
View of Starved Rock from Lover's Leap
View of Leopold Island from Lover's Leap.  See the barge coming up river between Plum and Leopold Islands?
Best view in the park (photo taken from Eagles Cliff looking East)

Wildcat Canyon- almost complete

These steps are tough, they are far from my favorite.
Wildcat Canyon from the top.  Still impressive, and it will only get better.
Where Wildcat begins
And then we return.
One of a pair of chainsaw carved eagles that are on the bridge over Fox Canyon.  Donated by the Family of Jerry Krasinski.

Today was a great hike for the first hike of the year for the Walker's Club.  Everyone is welcome.  We meet every Thursday in the Lodge's Lobby at 9:00a.m. You can pick up a schedule at the Front Desk.  January 8th we will be meeting in the Lodge's Lobby and going to Matthiessen Park.

 I will leave you with this:  Wherever you may hike or walk, just put one foot in front of the other.  It's all about the experience not the destination.

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