Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24, 2014, Ottawa, St. Louis and French Canyon

Today my hike was the Waterfall and Canyon tour.  We had two full trolleys leave at 9:00a.m. and two full trolleys leave at Noon.  I had the larger trolley with 23 on the first tour and 25 on the second.  Each tour was about 3 miles.  The photos are combined from both tours.  VERY BUSY day in the park.  Cars and people everywhere.  Still a great day for a hike.

Coral Root

Single Coral Root

Walking into St. Louis Canyon I finally found the elusive Coral Root.  It is sort of hard to find because it is so small and looks like a glorified stick.  Many or most people walk right by and not even know it is there.  What a treat.  It is in the orchid family.  It grows in a sandy slope area.  At least that is where I always see it.

A little obstacle as we approached the waterfall

Once again we arrived in St. Louis Canyon and was rewarded with a beautiful waterfall.

There was a little guy that was so excited to be in this little cave like area in the canyon.  He was so excited that I took his photo.  Hope he gets a chance to see it.
Back to the Trolley

Back to the Trolley and onto the next canyon. French Canyon is next.

Lots of people were at the State Park Visitor Center today.  I gave my group a 10 minutes break to go to use the restroom.  They were to meet me out front, if they weren't there we went into the canyon without them and met them at the trolley for the next canyon.  The first group we left 3 and the second group we left 5.  They all chose to do ice cream instead (I think).
Visitor Center

First bloom on the Flag Iris.  They are blooming all over the park in marshy areas.  This pair was on the way to French Canyon.

Yellow Flag Iris
Going into French Canyon
French Canyon
While in French Canyon, a man on my tour (Gordy) told me about this toad that was nestled into a small hole in the canyon wall.  I took a photo and was helped by another man (James) on my tour to crop it.  Thank you Gordy and James.  The toad was there for the first tour but not the 2nd one.  I hope he made it through the day ok.

Toad in French Canyon
Leaving French
Once we left French Canyon, we boarded the trolley again and headed to Ottawa Canyon.  We also stop at this rock formation. I ask everyone if they have an imagination.  I have them look at the following formation and tell me what they see.  I prod them a little by telling them to remember they are in a hiking park.  Then someone gets it.  It is a HIKING BOOT!  See it?

The boot
 Leaving the boot, and rounding the corner we are on our way to Ottawa  Canyon.  But before we get there, we enjoy the Aha moment of Council Overhang.

Looking up into Council Overhang
In Council Overhang

Ottawa Canyon
 I love this shirt.  It is great to be able to hike as part of my job.  They have these shirts on sale in the Gift Shop at a special $10.  

This place is a HOOT shirt.  Ottawa Canyon

I am always amazed at this wall in Ottawa Canyon. I think it looks like the Canyon wall was carved with a butter knife.

Looking back from Ottawa Canyon

Small burl tree by Council Overhang

We also saw some wildflowers out there today.  Here are a few.

Wild Ginger (the flower is at the base)

Wild Geranium
Jack in the Pulpit
Mouse ear Chickweed

Virginia Waterleaf

Purple Violet

May Apple
Creeping Charlie

I love this license plate.  It belongs to a member of our Walker's Club.

I will leave you with this:  I will leave you with this, Wherever you may hike or walk, just put one foot in front of the other.  It's all about the experience not the destination

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  1. Hey, I've seen that license plate! It was a beautiful day to hike. Great pictures of the trails, canyons, and wildflowers. After seeing your new shirt, I had to visit the gift shop and pick one up for myself!