Thursday, April 24, 2014

Illinois, Kaskaskia, Ottawa Canyons. April 24, 2014

I have been looking forward to this hike for a long time.  Illinois Canyon is known for for its fabulous display of Virginia Bluebells.  Well, they are almost ready.  Maybe about 5-7 days yet.


I have no idea why these Hyacinths are here.  
 They are right by the Illinois Canyon sign.  

Hyacinths (I think), I'm pretty sure

Virginia Bluebells

In the big area that they were in, I managed to find one plant that was decent for a photo.  Generally when you go to Illinois Canyon, as soon as you get out of the car you can see Bluebells as far as you can see.  That wasn't the case yet.  But it will be soon.  Maybe the beginning of next week.

Prairie Trillium
This is my favorite wildflower, So I am posting two photos.  Illinois Canyon is also a great place to see these.  They can be found throughout the park also.

Field of Prairie Trilliums
The wildflower Bloodroot really stands out against the leaves.  We will only be seeing this flower a few more days.

Illinois Canyon, Walker's Club taking a break
Waterfall in Illinois
Getting into Illinois Canyon is always a little tricky.  You have to cross the stream 3 times.  I received these boots for Christmas and have been waiting to use them in Illinois Canyon.  They were wonderful.  I no longer had to choose my steps carefully.  I walked right across, all 3 streams. 
Me and my NEW boots
Nodding Trillium or White Trillium
After we left Illinois Canyon we headed to Council Overhang.  This was the only blooming one I could find.  Those other big leafy things are early Mayapples.

Council Overhang
Before we get into the canyons we always marvel at Council Overhang.

Squirrel Corn and Yellow Bellwort
The flowers kept on coming, and coming.  It is going to be a great Wildflower Pilgrimage Weekend.

Trout Lily
I saw a few of these near Wildcat canyon on a lunch walk on Wednesday.  This is a great display on the way into Kaskaskia.

1 little yellow violet.
If you look real close in the photo above, just above the yellow violet you can see an early Jack in the Pulpit.

Joe and Kaskaskia
 Notice Joe is wearing the smart boots also.

Yellow Bellwort
Coming out of Kaskasia Canyon, we then went into Ottawa Canyon and saw this great bouquet of Yellow Bellwort.  I couldn't pass up the photo.

Ottawa Canyon and Ron
Ottawa Canyon and Walker's Club
Looking back on where we hiked from.  The hike is almost over.  Check out the Sandstone.  I always think it looks like it was cut with a knife.

Use your imagination for this one.  Can you see the sandstone boot?  We are on our way back to the car.  This is on the other side of Council Overhang.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I will leave you with this: Wherever you may hike or walk, just put one foot in front of the other.  It's all about the experience not the destination.


  1. About how long does it take to complete this hike?

    1. We left the lobby of the Starved Rock Lodge and we drove to Illinois Canyon parking lot and went from there. We got back to the Lodge about 11:00-11:30a.m. You could probably do it quicker, we talk alot, take photos and ooh and aah over the wildflowers.